The Awards Scheme

One of the primary aims of the Company is the promotion of education, arts, science and technology and, in particular, the promotion of skills and associated professional activities in Wales. The Company achieves this aim by making Awards to the young people of Wales and the following is a summary of the Awards currently provided for by the Company. To find out more about any Company Award please email to the Awards Secretary at: awards@liverycompanywales.cymru.

The OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is given to mark the Company’s recognition of a Welsh person who has achieved pre-eminence in his or her sphere.

The ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is intended to encourage and recognise a Welsh person who is mid-career and has already achieved rather more than their peers but will probably rise to greater heights in due course.

The BRYAN MARSH GOLD DEVELOPMENT AWARD is an award of £5,000 given to a Welsh person, generally under the age of 30, of demonstrated ability who presents a proposal which will permit development of his or her career or business.

The SILVER JUBILEE DEVELOPMENT AWARD is to enable an outstanding young person, who has graduated from an academic institution or qualified with a professional body, to further their academic or professional development by undertaking an innovative project or participating in a high level course or conference, preferably with an international element. Applicants should be able to demonstrate a commitment to Wales.

TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIPS are principally aimed at graduate and post-graduate students to enable them to further their careers and to develop their talents by undertaking a project or further study abroad.

These Awards recognise and encourage skills traditionally associated with Livery Companies and assist apprentices in their chosen vocation.

A small number of bursaries have been established with specific colleges across Wales and are designed to help students of ability with financial help to progress to further or higher education.

The Schools Awards are made to a number of selected schools on a rolling programme to support and encourage pupils who have both the ability and ambition to continue with their education, usually at a higher level.

Company awards in North Wales (North of a line roughly drawn eastward from Aberystwyth) mirror in types those from the rest of Wales, namely awards to students from schools, colleges and universities, covering the arts, science and technology. Awards are also made to apprentices and to the armed services and cadets.

The SILVER JUBILEE FUND AWARDS are the product of a special fund set up to mark the Company’s Silver Jubilee.  A selection of awards of varying sums will be made favouring particularly the fine arts, architecture, international relations, language studies, and the law.

OTHER COMPANY AWARDS are made to fulfil the Company’s aim of nurturing Welsh talent and to acknowledge the Company’s links with affiliated organisations.