History of The Worshipful Livery Company of Wales

In the early 1990’s representatives of some twenty two London Livery companies met in Cardiff and resurrected a long standing tradition with the formation of the Welsh Livery Guild. Following several interim meetings, the first meeting at City Hall in Cardiff took place in April 1993. City Hall has been the home of the Company, for formal functions, ever since.

Notable Meetings


(1) November 30th 1990: First Meeting of the FOUNDATION GROUP of LONDON LIVERYMEN RESIDENT IN SOUTH WALES, at the invitation of Master Mariner Captain Raymond L. Newbury and Past Master Scientific Instrument Maker Mr.Henry J.Kroch, in the Park Hotel, Cardiff.

(2) January 11th 1991: First Meeting of the Steering Committee of London Liverymen Resident in South Wales, chaired by Captain R.L.Newbury, at the home of Past Master Tin Plate Worker Mr G Forbes R.Hayes, at Brocastle, Nr Bridgend.

(3) May 1st 1991: Mr Cecil Rapport and Dr D Townsley Hughes met with the Cardiff City Clerk at the City Hall, and Mr D D Mullen Clark, Warden for Wales of the Guild of Freemen (hereditary members) about the possibility of admission to the Freedom of the City of Cardiff : not practicable.

(4) November 1st 1991: Luncheon Meeting at Ivor House, Bridge Street, Cardiff, at the invitation of Liveryman Mr Cecil Rapport (Horners Company) with Liveryman Dr D Townsley Hughes (Scientific Instrument Makers Company and of the Society of Apothecaries) with the Lord Lieutenant of South Glamorgan Captain Norman Lloyd-Edwards, and the Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Councillor Jeffrey P Sainsbury, to recruit them to the Steering Committee, by discussing Dr Townsley Hughes’sdraft for the formation of a Livery Guild for Wales, based in Cardiff, through registration as a Specially Authorised Friendly Society for the Advancement of Arts and Science.

(5) November 15th 1991: Second Meeting of the Steering Committee, at the invitation of the Lord Mayor, at Mansion House, Cardiff. The Lord Lieutenant of South Glamorgan and the Lord Mayor of Cardiff were co-opted to the committee.

(6) December 11th 1991: Third Meeting of the Steering Committee at Ivor House,Cardiff

(7) May 11th 1992: Fourth Meeting of the Steering Committee, at Ivor House, Cardiff.

(8) May 11th 1992: Second Meeting of the FOUNDATION GROUP OF LONDON LIVERYMEN, at Mansion House, Cardiff, Cardiff, with 4 Lord Lieutenants (Dyfed, Gwent, South Glamorgan and West Glamorgan) and the Lord Mayor of Cardiff. The Meeting approved the proposal of Dr Townsley Hughes to establish a London Livery style new ‘Livery Guild’, to serve the whole of Wales, to include all crafts, trades and professions, to be registered as a Specially Authorised Friendly Society. The Meeting also approved Dr Townsley Hughes’s draft objectives and elected the 8 members of the Steering Committee, as the first Officers and Court Assistants (including the first Clerk and Treasurer) to be registered as the first Court. This was the inception of The Welsh Livery Guild for Arts, Science and Technology.

(9) ‘Preliminary Court’ Meetings of the ‘Acting Court’ of the WLG on November 6th and December 11th 1992, at Ivor House, Bridge Street, Cardiff.

(10) January 15th 1993: FIRST COURT MEETING, at Hafan Wen, Llantrisant Road, Cardiff (home of Lord Lieutenant Captain N Lloyd-Edwards): First Installation Court to install the first eight Liverymen, as the first Master and Wardens and Court Assistants (including the first Treasurer and Clerk).

The first 8 WLG Liverymen

(1) Master: Lord Lieutenant Norman Lloyd-Edwards,
(2) Senior Warden: Captain Raymond Leoniel Newbury, Past Master of the Master Mariners
(3) Junior Warden: Henry Justus Kroch, Past Master Scientific Instrument Makers
Court Assistants
(4) Cecil Herbert Rapport Liveryman Horners, (5) George Forbes Raymond Hayes, Past Master Tin Plate Workers, (6) Jeffrey Paul Sainsbury, Lord Mayor of Cardiff, (7) Bryan Marsh, Founder Treasurer, Liveryman Tin Plate Worker, (8) David Townsley Hughes, Founder Clerk, Liveryman Society of Apothecaries, Master Scientific Instrument Makers (1992-93)

(11) January 21st 1993: Inaugural MEMBERSHIP DINNER of the Welsh Livery Guild at the Park Hotel, Cardiff
(12) April 17th 1993: ADMISSION COURT for 11 NEW LIVERYMEN, in the Council Chamber of the University of Wales, Cardiff
Founder Clerk Emeritus

On the 15th of May 2013 the Welsh Livery Guild became The Worshipful Livery Company of Wales when granted a Royal Charter. The Livery Company is the only one outside the London Livery Companies to be granted the honorific of “Worshipful”. However, unlike other Livery Companies the WLCoW is concerned with the whole spectrum of human endeavour rather than being associated with one particular craft, trade or profession. In keeping with its objectives, the Livery Company provides fellowship for its members, supports education and makes Awards to Welsh people to develop their skills and talents.

Brochure of the Welsh Livery Guild (2006/2007 )