Master's Blog - march 2019

7th March

Isn’t it amazing how things get so much busier after the short, dark days of December, January and February? Everyone seems to come out of hibernation. This year has been no different for me I’m pleased to say.
It started towards the end of February – at the last Court meeting when we arrived to find our usual room double booked which resulted in us moving to a completely different building.
Fortunately, most Court members were redirected to the new location and we started only 10 minutes late. Things got worse when were told we would have to leave early as the security man had to finish his shift. Worse still, we were then told we had to leave straight away!!
Skilful negotiation by our Beadle eventually led to a decision that we could stay after all. While all this was going on Court had continued its business unabashed as we installed the new clerk, a new Court Assistant, a new Steward and four new Liverymen. Not a bad evening’s work!
We have also seen the publication of our new newsletter “The Welsh Livery Bulletin” which gives a great deal of information to help keep members up to date with the various activities going on in the Company. Excellent work by the PRC Committee and Assistant Clerk.

On 4th March I represented the Company at a lunch with the Judges at the Old Bailey hosted by the Sheriff The Hon. Elizabeth Green as a part of “Wales in London Week”. This was very interesting for me as many years ago the cells and the docks were staffed by prison officers from Belmarsh prison where I was Governor and I had lunch with the Judges having visited my staff during the morning. Times have changed as all that custody work has been privatised and is now carried out by security firms.

The next day, 5th March, I and my wife Sue had been invited to a Reception at Buckingham Palace to celebrate 50 years since the Investiture of Prince Charles as The Prince of Wales. The Queen and several members of the Royal Family were there and, it seemed, most of Wales, including the Prime Minister, First Minister for Wales, Lord Lieutenants, Archbishops, Bishops, pop stars, celebrities and representatives of charities and organisations associated with Prince Charles. He is, of course, an Honorary Royal Freeman of our Company. It was an excellent occasion!

During the evening I and the Clerk attended the Haberdashers’ Company City Livery and Affiliations Dinner at Haberdashers Hall where we were well received and were able to forge new friendships.

Towards the end of the month I will be representing the Company at a Dinner hosted by The Lord Mayor of London for Masters and Prime Wardens of the Livery Companies of the City of London at the Mansion House and, the next day, at the United Guilds Service at St Paul’s Cathedral.

A reminder that the Concert by Treorchy Male Choir is on 23rd March and tickets @ £15 are still available from the Assistant Clerk. Roy Noble was kind enough to mention the Concert on his radio programme on successive Sundays.

Also, we will soon be giving information about the Captain Scott lecture by Diana Preston on 30th April.

The Worshipful Company of Arbitrators will holding their Charter Commemorative Banquet at the Mansion House on 20th May and their Master has invited any, or all, of our Liverymen to attend. More details later.

Diary Date – 7th July Livery Jazz Garden Party at Hensol Castle

Geoff Hughes