Cwmni Anrhydeddus Lifrai Cymru

Incorporated by Royal Charter – formerly The Welsh Livery Guild

Application for the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales


1.     Aim of the Award.

The GOLD DEVELOPMENT AWARD is an award of £5,000 given to a Welsh person, generally under the age of 30, of demonstrated ability who presents a proposal which will permit development of his or her career.

2.     Criteria to be met.

The criteria to be meet for selection is deliberately drawn widely but will include the following requirements: -

2.1     Criteria to be met.
  • Welshness shall be established subject to the criteria accepted by the Awards Committee.
  • Nominated candidates can include members of the disciplined and civilian services.
  • The nominated candidates shall have at least two referees of good standing.
  • Need shall not be a relevant criterion.
  • The award shall not be made to a candidate at the start of higher education.
  • The award shall be of greater benefit to the candidate than the monetary value alone.
2.2    Sustained personal achievement.
  • The demonstrated achievement shall be substantially greater than would normally be expected for the age, position and education of the peer group of the applicant.
  • The achievement shall be assessed for sustained excellence
2.3   Potential for further development.
  • Potential for further development shall be a major consideration.
  • The successful candidate shall state the use that the award is to be put to.
  • The award shall be used to further the development of the successful candidate


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1.    Personal Information
2.    Education
3.    Higher or Further Education
4.    Employment
5.    Candidate’s submission
(c) Expected benefits to yourself, your career and to the Principality
6.    Referees

Please note:
Shortlisted applicants may be asked to provide evidence which demonstrates that they meet the criteria outlined above.
Closing date:  30th October 2021


Data Protection

In completing this form you are consenting to the Company using your telephone number and your postal and email addresses to contact you in connection with an award, and to the information on the sheet attached to this form being used in assessing whether an award can be granted. This latter information will be treated as confidential, and no third party will have access to it. The attached sheet will not be retained after the April following submission. The details on this page will be retained for possible future correspondence in connection with the award.

Should an award be granted, your name, institution and type of award will be published on the Company’s website and all other Livery Medium and published in the Company’s Liverymen; these details will also be retained as an historical record of awards the Company has made.

Your contact details may be passed to the Company’s Young Persons’ Community who may then approach you about further involvement with the Company.

Please indicate with a tick if you would be content for the Company to give publicity to all Livery medium as stated above including the press about your award:

I consent

I do not want publicity