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THE SILVER JUBILEE FUNDRAISING APPEAL was launched on Sunday 18 March 2018 during the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales’ annual Charity lunch held at ATLANTIC COLLEGE, ST DONATS. The appeal marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the foundation of the Welsh Livery Guild in April 1993. Two bi-lingual pamphlets (English/Welsh) about the appeal were published and made available to Liverymen and the public in support of the appeal. One describes the aims and achievements of the Company and its awards programme and the other, entitled “In their Own Words”, contains a series of tributes from winners of our awards in recent years describing the benefits to award winners generally and them personally of WLCOW scholarships.

Meanwhile, a number of successful fundraising events have been held by the Company (see below and the News Section and Master’s blog 2017/2018 elsewhere on the website). Liverymen have also held fund-raising events at their homes and I am very grateful to all Liverymen who have worked hard to support the appeal and contributed financially to date.

The aim of the appeal was to reach out not only to Liverymen for financial support but also to reach out to the wider community in Wales to invite additional support from Welsh business circles, foundations and other organisations interested in promoting education in Wales. To coordinate this effort, An ad hoc Committee was set up in South Wales under the chairmanship of Liveryman Hugh Thomas CBE GCStJ LLD DL, and the North Wales Committee, chaired by Andrew Richards DL, was given the task of coordinating this part of our campaign in North Wales.

The Silver Jubilee Appeal will be ongoing for the calendar year from its launch in March and so will continue until the end of March 2019.

To date, much progress has been made and as much as £50,000 (inclusive of gift aid) has been donated to the Appeal Fund by a combination of Liverymen and their friends and by business circles and foundations. The SW ad hoc Committee and the NWC are in touch with many potential donors and I am confident that there are many more donations on the way and that we will get close to our target of £100,000.

The Silver Jubilee Appeal was the most important initiative of my Master’s year 2017/2018 which ended with the Installation of our new Master, Geoff Hughes, on October 20. He has asked me to continue to oversee the appeal with his cooperation and I look forward to working with all Liverymen to bring the appeal to a successful conclusion and am relying on the goodwill and support of all to this end.

Gillian Davies

Deputy Master


Silver Jubilee Concert and Supper at Y Senedd, Cardiff Bay

On the lovely summer evening of 4th July 2018 the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales celebrated its Silver Jubilee with a concert in Y Senedd, kindly sponsored by Lord Dafydd Elis Thomas. The concert, which was followed by supper, combined the talents of musicians drawn from Ensemble Cymru with those of seven young winners of the Livery Company’s Awards scheme.

One important aspect of the Livery Company’s awards scheme has always been the nurturing of young musical talents and the Jubilee Concert showcased just seven of the many recent award winners in this category.


The picture shows the Founding Master Captain Sir Norman Lloyd-Edwards (front left) and the Master, Professor Gillian Davies (front right). Standing behind Professor Davies is the Senior Warden, Mr Geoff Hughes. Peryn Clement-Evans, principal clarinettist and Artistic Director of Ensemble Cymru, is flanked on his right by Glain Dafydd who provided the harp accompaniment to sopranos Olivia Hunt (on Peryn’s left) and Ffion Edwards (immediately behind him. These two sang the English and Welsh versions respectively of an Englyn written by Dr Hywel Griffiths in honour of the Company ‘s Silver Jubilee and translated by Eurwen Hulmston. Dr Griffith is a geographer at Aberystwyth University and Chair at the 2015 National Eisteddfod. The setting to music of the two versions of the Englyn was commissioned for this concert by the Master by way of two special awards. The music for the English version –In the halls of our patronage, we share knowledge¬--was composed by John Hosking (Assistant organist St Asaph Cathedral) and the Welsh version –Yn neuaddau ein noddi, rhannu dysg--by Mared Emlyn, a tutor at Canolfan Gerdd William Mathias. These contrasting versions made a beautiful start to the concert, which continued with works by Handel, Beethoven and Gabriele Mario Piozzi. One of the award winners, Dr Simone Laghi, (violin) told the Liverymen and their guests something of the life of Piozzi, who married Hester Thrale of Tremeirchion in 1784. The Company award had enabled Dr Laghi to develop his studies of the composer and his wife, a talented writer.

The other award winners featured in the programme, Charlie Lovell-Jones and his sister Lizzie (violin and cello respectively), Martin Ludenbach (double bass) and Jack Sewter (horn) all came together for the final Breichlad arranged by Gareth Glyn. All award winners have their personal tales to tell and it is gratifying to see what a difference the awards of the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales can make at the start of a young career.

John Solbé

More photos from Y Senedd 4th July 2018:


L-R Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas, The Master, Mr Geoff Hughes, Senior Warden and Mr Nick Ramsey, AM for Mounmouth.


SILVER JUBILEE 1993 – 2018

The Master’s Away Weekend 2018 – Fundraising Garden Party

The Master’s Away Weekend took place from 18-20 May 2018 in North Wales at the famous location of Portmeirion Village. A full report on the events of the week-end may be found under “News”.

On the final afternoon 20 May, a Garden Party was held in aid of the Silver Jubilee Fundraising Appeal from 2.30 to 6.00 pm. The Party was hosted by Liveryman Mrs Bettina Harden MBE, MA and her husband David at Nanhoron, Pwllheli. An Auction and raffle were held in aid of the Silver Jubilee Fund and while the exact sum remains to be calculated it appears that the afternoon raised over £5000. The Garden Party was a great success and our gratitude is due to Mr and Mrs Harden for so kindly and generously opening their house and gardens (both of historical importance, spectacular and very beautifully and lovingly maintained) to a large crowd of some 110 people (at the last count) comprising not only Liverymen and their spouses and friends but also many friends of the Master and other Liverymen living in North Wales who supported the occasion and the Silver Jubilee Fund.

Information regarding the gardens at Nanhoron, Pwllheli.
Auction and Raffle details.


To celebrate the Silver Jubilee Anniversary of the founding of the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales, a Sterling Silver brooch in Celtic style with a dragon’s head etched into the head of the brooch for lady Liverymen and Liverymen’s wives has been commissioned. One prototype has been made and is pictured below. It measures 1.75 inches and will be a special edition limited to 50 copies. All brooches will be hallmarked and numbered.

The Court and PR Committees have seen the prototype and authorised the brooch to be put up for sale subject to a sufficient number of brooches being ordered. The cost of the brooches will be cheaper the more we order. The cost price to WLCOW for 20 pieces will be £80 each, 30 pieces will be £76 and if all the remaining 49 pieces are made then the price will come down to £72.

To date orders for 20 have been received. Please email the Master on master@liverycompanywales.cymru if you are interested in ordering one.



In April this year, the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales will celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of its foundation in 1993. On 18 March 2018, the Master of the Company took the opportunity of the CHARITY SPRING LUNCH PARTY to launch the SILVER JUBILEE FUNDRAISING APPEAL. The lunch took place at the spectacular venue provided by the Arts Centre at Atlantic College, St Donat's Castle CF61 1WF. A report on the Charity Lunch and the awards made to two students of Atlantic College can be found in the Recent News Section of this website.

At the launch of the Silver Jubilee Appeal, the Master was joined by Captain Sir Norman Lloyd-Edwards, KCVO, GCStJ, RD, Founder Master of the Company in 1993, Stuart Castledine, Chairman of the Charity Committee and D H Thomas CBE, GSStJ, LLD, DL who has kindly taken on the Chairmanship of a small special ad hoc Committee to co-ordinate and monitor the Silver Jubilee Appeal. The aim of the appeal is to augment the Charitable Trust Fund by at least £100,000. All Liverymen have meanwhile received a letter from the Master, Sir Norman and Stuart Castledine calling on all Liverymen to support the Silver Jubilee Appeal.

Simultaneously, a booklet in English and Welsh entitled “IN THEIR OWN WORDS”/”YN EU GEIRIAU EU HUNAIN “ was published and distributed to all Liverymen. The booklet contains tributes from a number of recipients of awards from WLCOW over the past few years, who, in their own words, describe how their lives have been enhanced by their WLCOW awards. A Message from the Master about the Fundraising Appeal contained in the booklet is reproduced below.



The Welsh Livery Guild was formed in 1993 to promote education, the arts, science and technology in Wales. In 2013, the Guild was presented with a Royal Charter and renamed the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales (WLCOW).

Unlike other Livery Companies, WLCOW is not associated with one particular craft, trade or profession but is dedicated to helping young people throughout Wales to develop their talents and skills by means of an annual awards programme of scholarships and bursaries to students in schools, universities and technical colleges, as well as to apprentices and young people in the armed forces.

The awards programme is funded principally from the WLCOW Charitable Trust built up since the Company’s foundation through the generosity of Liverymen. Since the first awards were made in 1995, the Company’s annual awards programme has gradually increased such that we now disburse about £40,000 to some 80 recipients.

During the Silver Jubilee of the founding of the Company, we will be celebrating our achievements to date. It is also a time to look forward to the future and with our Fundraising Appeal we will reach out to the wider community in Wales and invite additional financial support from Welsh business circles, foundations and other organisations interested in promoting education in Wales. Our aim is to raise a minimum sum of £100,000 for a special “Silver Jubilee Fund”. Such a sum will add substantially to the Company’s funds so that we can be confident in the future of being able to increase the number of awards made to the young people of Wales.

This brochure contains tributes from a number of recipients of awards from the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales over the past few years who, in their own words, describe how their lives have been enhanced by their WLCOW awards. The stories of what the awards have meant to them and how they have helped them in their chosen career paths are truly inspiring. We hope that, in the future, with the additional funds we raise from the Silver Jubilee Appeal, we will be able to increase the number of awards we make annually to the young people of Wales.

Should you wish to contribute to the Appeal Fund, please see below.

Professor Gillian Davies, DL


Worshipful Livery Company of Wales


Either by forwarding cheques to:

The Clerk, WLCOW, 87 Windway Road, Cardiff CF5 1AH

Or by emailing him at clerk@liverycompanywales.cymru

Or telephoning him to arrange a bank transfer at: 029 2055 1482

Please add your name to any enquiry or payment and confirm any transfer by email to the Clerk. Whichever method you adopt, please note that the contribution is made to the
“Welsh Livery Guild Charitable Trust - SILVER JUBILEE APPEAL”
If you wish to receive further information about this appeal, please contact by email The Clerk

or The Master