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Master’s Theme and Objectives for 2017- 2018

Dear Liverymen,

Welcome to our new website and a Happy New Year to you all!

It is a great honour for me to have been installed as the Master of the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales on 21 October 2017, and to be the first Master of the Company, since its foundation in 1993, to come from North Wales.

In 2018, during my term as Master, the Company will be marking its Silver Jubilee and I look forward to leading the Company during this special year and to celebrating the Company’s many achievements to date. The full programme of official events has been circulated to Liverymen and is also available on the website (see Home Page). I hope that all Liverymen will give their full support to the events scheduled to take place during the Silver Jubilee Year.

Over its first twenty-five years, the Company, the only Livery Company in the Principality, has achieved recognition for all it has done to further the education and ambitions of young people in Wales in the fields of the arts, science and technology through the scholarships and awards it grants every year. In its 25 years, the Company has made awards of more than £500,000 with an annual awards programme of approximately £40,000. The funds for the Company’s awards programme come from three sources: funds raised annually by the Company’s Charity Committee, direct giving by Liverymen and income from a Charitable Trust funded generously over the years by Liverymen who have donated and bequeathed monies to the Company to further its aims and objectives.

The Silver Jubilee is an appropriate occasion for the Company to seek to increase its available resources by the launch of a Silver Jubilee Fund – Raising Appeal throughout the Principality. We aim to raise at least £100,000 to augment our Charitable Trust Fund. I am confident that the appeal, which will be coordinated and monitored by a small ad hoc Committee, chaired by Liveryman Hugh Thomas CBE, DL and reporting to the Charity Committee, will be successful and will enable the Company to increase the number of scholarships and awards that we are able to support currently for the young people of Wales.

Another of my aims during the Jubilee Year will be to make the Company’s activities better known and to obtain improved publicity in the press and media for our activities and achievements. On Saturday, 2 December 2017, the Western Mail Week-End magazine published a double-page feature about my plans for the Jubilee Year (see below) and the newspaper will be covering our programme in the coming months. The Public Relations Committee is actively pursuing my goal of better relations with the press and I hope that we will continue to receive support and interest from the press throughout the Jubilee Year.

As the Company’s objectives and programme become more widely known, I am confident that we will see a marked increase in Membership. I invite all Liverymen to assist in efforts to encourage friends, colleagues and acquaintances to join the Company: this will make the Company stronger and more representative. In particular, I would welcome an expansion of membership into under-represented areas of Wales, such as Mid- and West Wales, where our membership to date is sparse.

To back up these initiatives, the Company has created the present new website with a view to making the company more accessible and attractive, not just to our own Liverymen, but to the general public who may be interested in finding out more about our activities and scholarship programmes and who may wish to assist our efforts.

I look forward to meeting as many Liverymen as possible during this Silver Jubilee year and hope that as many as are able will support the Company’s goals by actively participating in the programme of events, which is published on this website on the Home Page, and in the Silver Jubilee fund-raising efforts.

Professor Gillian Davies, DL

Western Mail Article

(c) 2018 Media Wales; reproduced with their kind permission.